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Neon Ultra - LogoTitle: NEON Ultra
Developer: PixelBark Games
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What type of game is it?

Arcade Shoorter

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

Fast-paced twin stick shooter with heavy influences from bullet hells and the classic, flurry of space rocks that have been haunting screens since Asteroid.

What do we like most about it?

Is it too cheap an answer to say that it’s the contrast between the simplicity of the enemy models and the exploding particle messes (and resonating patterns on the backdrop) forming as a result of their destruction? I hope so, because that’s the main reason this is featured today; that contrast between simplicity of models and details of destruction; of simple controls and tough, tight difficulty; of bright, neon objects vs the almost darkness of the background.

Also of note is the music used for the below trailer, it’s absolutely perfect for the game, and I hope it’s one of those included within. That said, it completely covers any sound effects from the game -note: those big screen frazzles are clever edits, this is likely why audio from the game was cut for the trailer. This is a bit of a shame as the sound effects normally serve as one of the key, hypnotising elements in arcade shooters. Still, I’m sure we’ll get updates on this as the game draws closer to launch.

When’s it due?

NEON Ultra is planned for launch in the third quarter of this year for PC, Mac & Linux.

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