Goat Simulator Developer, Coffee Stain Studios Becomes Publisher, Huntdown Is Their First Project

Coffee Stain Studios, the developers behind Goat Simulator, and Sanctum have gone into publishing as well as development.

The minds behind Goat Simulator have announced that they are moving into publishing as well as continuing their career on game development. Sebastian Badylak from Coffee Stain Studios says that the company want to come across like a partner rather than a traditional publisher.

“Just as everyone else we want to re-define game publishing, in our case by acting more as a partner for developers, than as a traditional publisher. Our goal is to push projects towards success under balanced and fair conditions. We will offer the deals that we would love to have signed ourselves as developers.” –  Sebastian Badylak

The first title that Coffee Stain Studios are taking under their wing and releasing under the Coffee Stain Studios label will be an arcade shooter titled, Huntdown, developed by Easy Trigger. Showing inspiration from the 80’s side-scrolling shooter set in a dystopian future.

While there appears to be no release date yet or platforms announced yet, the title is looking very well made. It sees the player acting as a type of futuristic bounty hunter with plenty of action packed levels to push through. I for one am certainly interested to see what other titles Coffee Stain Studios are going to bring onto their label.

“After years of developing games and working with different publishers that did or didn’t walk the talk, Coffee Stain figured out how to self-publish with great results. Now, with chests bulging of goat coin, Coffee Stain opens an initiative towards what the company considers “good publishing’.” – Company Spokesperson

Source: Gamesindustry.biz

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