Fingerolympics is eleven one-to-nine player, fun minigames

Go for gold in Fingerolympics, a one-to-nine-player game filled with eleven time- and team-based minigames.

Made for both the ‘A Game by Its Cover Jam’ and the ‘EGX & Rock Paper Shotgun Game Jam’, Fingerolympics, from Ludipe, is an extremely fun (and free!) party game collection which is available right now. It sees up to nine players (each button on a keyboard’s number bar can be a separate player) working together to complete a variety of challenges.

Finger OlympicsThe challenges range from keeping a ball aloft for as many beats as possible, through bouncing a GPS-locked phone to its destination, to bouncing dominoes to match. My personal favourite has you juggling eight pedestrian symbols from the left of the screen off of the right side — it really underlines that a lot of Fingerolympics is as much an experiment in physics as a fun party game.

Fingerolympics is a game I have returned to quite often since I first played it at EGX, where it won a free showcase spot after winning the previously mentioned EGX & Rock Paper Shotgun Game Jam. While it is definitely much easier to get a high score when playing with friends, it is still fun to play for a bit in single player. It also really questions what we do when it comes to controls in games — why we so frequently lean toward arrows and WSAD for inputs and, almost, build games around them.

Fingerolympics is browser-based (although naturally, due to the design, requires a keyboard). You can find it on where you can also download it for PC, Mac or Linux.

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