Fight efficiently in Monster Sanctuary to expand your team

When it comes to exploring new lands and taking on monsters I quite like battling and collecting them. Monster Sanctuary allows you to not just hatch creatures from eggs but also to level them up and use them to fight other creatures around you.

When it comes to actually collecting the creature eggs and having them alongside your team, you’ll need to become good at fighting. Instead of being able to capture any monster you take on, you will need to fight efficiently for a better chance at rare drops and eggs themselves. As such Monster Sanctuary has quite a smart take on the regular monster battler.

As your monsters battle, you can see how well your attack will do against an enemy in advance. These battles take the form of three vs three monsters (if you have three), where you can pick the attacks, defences, abilities, and more of your monsters and who they are attacking. There is a limited amount of stamina for the battle, so managing that is also a challenge. At the end of battles, each monster will gain XP and you, yourself, will gain items.

The world isn’t just battling though — there are other adventurers, chests to find, items to equip, story to discover. All of this while trying to get your starter monster whipped into shape, ready to take on the world. Some areas can be hidden, opened only by specific monster abilities — these abilities are all completely different depending on the monster you want to play. 

Monster Sanctuary

The world in Monster Sanctuary is full to the brim with lovely pixels! I quite enjoyed wandering around and finding areas that I couldn’t quite get too yet — knowing I would need to come back at some point in hopes of getting that chest and finding something cool. It’s currently available  in Steam Early Access, and Monster Sanctuary is already a pretty fun monster-collecting and training game — and definitely one well worth checking out! Hopefully, you can become the true master, much like your ancestors, and restore the peace between humans and monsters.

You can find Monster Sanctuary on Steam. 

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