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(New) Super Lucky Tales (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch)

After launching as one of the first 4K titles available on home consoles with the Xbox One X, the story of Lucky the Fox has been a lengthy one with a current chapter now available on Nintendo Switch with the reworked and redesigned (New) Super Lucky Tale.

A fast and nimble fox, Lucky can double-jump to reach higher ledges, swipe his tail to hit switches and stun enemies. These moves can combine together in succession, allowing you to quickly traverse the levels, bashing enemies, collecting coins and zipping around obstacles. 

Lucky’s most impressive maneuver however is his burrowing skill in which he tunnels through soft ground allowing him to travel underground at speed to collect hidden items, coins and avoid attacks from enemies.

With an extremely friendly approach to platforming in both its 3D and 2D formats, (New) Super Lucky Tale’s handling of the opening tutorials that teach you your basic arsenal of moves and controls are upgraded, taking the hands-off approach of the original and replacing the whole concept with a wise-cracking golem that serves as both comic relief and a critical role in your adventure.

You can purchase new threads for Lucky with your hard-earned coins and spend them for interchangeable tops and bottom costume pieces, whether it’s simple accessories such as sunglasses or a full, futuristic astronaut suit. It’s fun to play around with your favorite style, and although they don’t add anything to the gameplay, it’s certainly fun to dress Lucky up in funny outfits.

Super Lucky Tale is out now on PC, Xbox One & (New) Super Lucky Tale is available on Nintendo Switch.

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