B3’s Guide to Child Friendly Gaming during CoViD-19 Lockdown

Toybox Sandbox

Toy Story 3 (Xbox 360, Xbox One & PS3)

Not everyone has access to the latest platforms and the last game in our guide is from the previous generation of consoles but through backward compatibility is also currently available on the Xbox One. 

Toy Story 3 is a third person action adventure game which follows and expands further on the story from Woody, Buzz & Jessie’s third outing in the series. Whilst padding out this further is a sandbox area based on Woody’s Roundup set in the Wild West and containing all your favourite characters with a number of collection based quests that help you expand and customise the area to your liking.

The main story allows you most of the time to switch between Woody Buzz and Jessie and contains not only platforming based on levels drawn from certain parts of the story but also racing or auto scrolling sections including other characters like Bullseye and Slinky. Most characters are fully voices meaning even younger children can enjoy the story as you don’t need to read to understand what is happening most of the time

Toy Story 3 looks great even today considering its a few years old and given its a mainstream Disney franchise you can be sure the content is suitable for your little ones. Controls are fairly easy and depending on age and skill level or experience with the game there are a number of replay factors to allow children to find certain collectables opening up other areas in the roundup or the ability to buy more characters from Al’s Toy Barn. 

There are no multiplayer or online interactions and all purchases at the Toy Barn are made with ingame gold earned by collecting it in the levels. Sections auto save at checkpoints and each level can take anywhere from 5 to 30 mins to complete giving the kids plenty to delve into. The added bonus with this type of game is that the kids may request to watch a film from the series afterward further extending your downtime.

Toy Story 3 can be picked up on Xbox 360 & Xbox One & PlayStation 3.

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