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Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)

Nintendo’s mustached hero (Note: No longer a plumber) makes his debut on the Switch with a bang. Super Mario Odyssey takes the titular protagonist on a tour of the world after his nemesis, Bowser, actually manages to get one over on the portly Italian. Landing in the Cap Kingdom with his famous red cap in tatters, Mario joins newcomer Cappy on his next grand adventure to rescue Princess Peach, defeat Bowser and save the world.

Rather than a remake or just another 3D variant of the famous formula, Odyssey adds the ability for your companion (Cappy) to take control of almost any enemy you meet by throwing your hat at them. This gives the player a unique set of abilities whilst controlling the captured enemy which sets loose a whole new set of strategies and puzzles for the player to solve to move forward.

Each defined level has a requirement to be met in terms of collecting “Power Moons” in order to power Mario’s ship (the Odyssey) and players must solve a variety of puzzles or collection tasks led by a very high level clue offered at the start of each level. Players can also purchase additional hints but many will simply stumble across a number of “Moons”

As with all nearly Nintendo first party games (Eternal Darkness i’m thinking of you), the world is rich with detail and colour with sprightly orchestral scores underpinning each distinct location Mario visits. Super Mario Odyssey is primarily a single player affair but allows a second player to play as Cappy in limited capacity. There are no online interactions and no offensive language examples in any of the gameplay script.

The variety the game offers players, even for those who have played previous outings, is astounding. The plethora of potential interactions afforded by the Cappy dynamic really sets Odyssey apart from any Super Mario since Super Mario 64 and should be played by everyone.

Super Mario Odyssey is available on Nintendo Switch now.

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