Bring life to the world around you by instilling it with the essence of real objects in Moments

A slice of space and five objects are all you have to work with to change the world in Moments.

What with all of the tools that are out there to help people create games, it’s easier to create games now than it ever has been. However, delivering a game, or indeed a movie or book, means little if you can’t deliver emotion through meaning or experience. Moments is an installation piece which tells everything it needs to with the only controls being objects you place on pedestals.

Heyits5am’s Moments is a wonderful little installation piece which I saw while it was on show at the EGX Rezzed Leftfield Collection. It is comprised of a collection of small objects, three sensors and a large, portrait screen. The game is played through first viewing a vista on the screen, then adding objects to the pedestals to alter the world.

Each of the screens have three of the objects which change it, bringing warmth, animals, life or more, to the world. It’s a very clever way of having the player interact with the game world, essentially adding a new essence to a slice of existence. While it is currently designed as a small-scale installation piece there’s definitely potential for adding more items into Moments or even maybe having it as a larger installation through the use of a projector.

Here’s the blurb from the game’s page:

“moments” is an installation game about feeling calm and cozy. Players move real world objects around to interact with the in game scenery. They are encouraged to try out all the objects and create scenes that they like, and can also try to find specific combinations and solve a small puzzle in order to progress through the scenes.

I’m very interested to see how, or if, Moments continues to develop — it is rare that an experience requires so little input to so visibly alter a world.

Moments is not available to download, you’ll need to follow @heyits5AM on Twitter in order to find out when it will next be showcased.

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