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Big Boss Babble Episode 11 – Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Patreon Crackdown, Visceral’s Closure and More

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Jorge, Dann & Terry meet up for another discussion about recent gaming news, this time discussing the following topics:

  • Indie games on the Switch
  • Activision’s Matchmaking Patent
  • Visceral’s closure
  • The new Animal Crossing (mobile) game
  • Patreon’s crackdown on adult games
  • Games which deal with real world issues in their own ways.

Apologies for the late upload this week folks, we’ve had to change where we host our podcasts and so have had to take a little longer to get it all online. In classic, industry form several of the stories have advanced since they were discussed on the website; with Sony’s crude Detroit and Last of Us 2 trailers (Telegraph, discussing Jim Ryan’s follow up to the event) advancing the ‘real world issues’ discussion, and news of Activision’s Call of Duty WWII showcasing loot boxes in public spaces (PC Gamer).

We’ll have the rest of the podcasts transferred over across the next while, and our iTunes and RSS feed should resolve shortly.

Intro music: “Cyborg Ninja” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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