30: Fire in the Library

In brief: Another Kickstarter, this time featuring a very cheeky push your luck mechanic that has players acting as librarians that must rush back and forth to rescue books from their burning collection. Charming artwork and a ton of mechanical personality characterise this worthy small box game. You can read more about it in our preview, here.

29: Stuffed Fables

In brief: From the creator of the extremely popular Mice & Mystics comes Stuffed Fables, a game that is played on a high quality, ring bound storybook filled with small, detailed boards. Stuffed Fables is a game about a team of soft toys who must rescue their human child from the nasties under the bed. Not as scary as it sounds, Stuffed Fables is literally the best game for families to play together during dark nights and rainy Sundays. Here’s our review.

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28: Rise to Nobility

In brief: Set in the same world as Cavern Tavern (which we’ll be reviewing in early 2019) Rise to Nobility is a big budget Kickstarter that comes with all the bells and whistles. Superb artwork, a box that is packed to the rafters and several bundled variants and expansions mean that you’ll never run out of things to do. At it’s heart though, Rise to Nobility is a dice placement game with euro elements that delivers a heap of fun. Here’s our detailed review.

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27: King of Tokyo Monster Box

In brief: King of Tokyo is one of the most iconic tabletop games of recent years, which is no surprise given that it is the creation of Richard Garfield — the man behind Magic: The Gathering. King of Tokyo Monster Box is nothing like Magic, however, since it features madcap dice rolling in a world where monsters face off to be crowned… The King of Tokyo. In this big box version, two expansions and a couple of promos add some new rules, new monsters and a load of additional cards Here’s our in depth write up.

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26: Spellbook

In brief: In Phil Walker-Harding’s Spellbook, players act as sorcerers seeking to cast powerful spells. Collect mana of different colours, set up your spellbook and build up your engine to make future turns even more powerful. We like this one and we only reviewed it fairly recently so feel free to check it out.

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