B3’s Father’s Day Gift Guide for Gamers, 2021 Edition

Father’s Day is just around the corner in the United Kingdom, which means that you might be wondering what the best gift to get your dad is. When it comes to finding gifts for dads, it’s often a bit of a challenge, especially as fathers in general don’t seem to wait for much. If your dad is a gamer or really enjoys gaming, we have compiled a list of some awesome gifts that he is sure to enjoy! 

Super Mario Pow Block Mug

If your father drinks hot drinks, he might be in the market for a new mug. Mugs are a pretty classic Father’s Day gift, so we figured we’d include a really fun one on the list! The Super Mario Pow Block Mug is a square mug, with the design carved into the mug, not painted, which makes it feel super high quality. This mug is quite big too, so it’s perfect for a large cup of tea or coffee. It’s also slightly different while still being a Mario-related mug.

LEGO Star Wars: Imperial Probe Droid Adult Building Set

If you’ve got a dad who loves gaming, there is a large chance he also loves Star Wars! The LEGO Star Wars: Imperial Probe Droid building set is a set designed specifically for adults. This set is more challenging than kid’s Lego, and becomes a display piece, with an included plaque, which can look amazing in any office, livingroom or bedroom. We are still building ours up, as it’s a great way to spend the evening relaxing and working on a project. If you are a young adult looking for a gift to actually do with your dad, this can be a really fun activity to do together! This Star Wars Lego set is a really fun one to build.

Gioteck TX70 Wireless Headset

With so many fathers working from home or gaming in the livingroom, a headset is always a good option as a gift! The Gioteck TX70 is a wireless, USB headset that can be used on PC, PS4 and PS5. If your dad is a console gamer, this headset has him covered! The headset itself has nice, cushioned earmuffs, which will block out the noise of any other kids playing around in the same room, allowing him to focus on gaming or watching a bit of YouTube. It’s a decent quality headset, especially for the price point.

Gioteck AC-2 Ammo Clip Charging Station for PS5 or Xbox X|S

Speaking of console gaming, if your father has an Xbox X|S or PlayStation 5, it is well worth making sure that he has something to keep his controllers nice and charged. The Gioteck AC-2 Ammo Clip Charging Stations, for either PlayStation 5 or Xbox X|S allows two controllers to be clipped together and charged quickly. These stations doesn’t take up too much room and light up to show if the controller is fully charged or not. This gift also is quite budget friendly!

Gaming Cards from Moonpig

We previously wrote about how Moonpig has launched a line of Gaming-themed cards, but it is well worth mentioning that they also have a selection of Father’s Day cards specifically for a gaming Dad. There is a mix of cards that have to do with very specific games and board games and cards that are more general, for the gamer who likes dipping in and out of lots of games. As these cards can be customised, they are a really lovely and fun way to get something that feels way more personal then a card you’d get at your local Tesco, the day before Father’s Day!

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