Moonpig now has Gaming-themed cards, for all occasions

Being a gamer is something that so many people identify with and games mean a lot to many people, from casual gamers to hardcore gamers themselves. When it comes to getting gifts for people who love games, often there has been a lot of DIY involved. I, myself, have struggled to find cards that are from the games that my friends and family are enjoying. 

Moonpig, however, has answered all of my issues. Moonpig is known for their flower and card arrangements, where you can order loads of custom cards, and then add little gifts or flowers to your order, to be delivered right to your loved one’s door. Moonpig has mobile apps, where you can input your loved one’s special dates, for a reminder later on, and even take a picture of the note you’d like inside your cards, and they will be printed into the card. 


And now, they have a gaming card section and a bunch of little gaming trinkets that you can add to your order. You can find cards for loads of different occasions – from birthdays, to anniversaries, to just thinking of your styled cards. This selection also has some more specialty cards, with the ability to get generalised “gaming” cards, but also Among Us themed cards, Sonic themed cards, Warhammer 40k cards and so much more.

These cards are really lovely, with some great designs! The Wwarhammer cards literally look like a work of art that can be placed into a frame. The option of more specialised cards and beautifully designed cards for adults is really lovely, as gaming cards often are geared straight towards children, when in fact, many adults do play games and enjoy gaming. 

Along with these cards, Moonpig has a lovely selection of beautiful flowers – which are perfect if you want something a bit more upscale, but if you’d rather have a gift sent with your card, there are board games, puzzles, lego sets, mini-arcade machines and so much more. These make for a perfect addition if you aren’t sure what to get someone, allowing you to browse a section of high-quality trinkets and toys that work perfectly for gamers.

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