Water Me & You is an adorable puzzle adventure game

Water Me & You is an adorable, co-op adventure puzzle game where you and your friend are both elements; one earth and one water. You are both exploring a cute, post-apocalyptic world, where you are able to change your state to solve puzzles around the area. 

One of you in Water Me & You play as the last drop of water on Earth, while the other plays as a little seedlet. There aren’t many plants left alive, but being a droplet of water, you are able to bring life back to the world and help your seed friend as they guide you towards the tree of life, where you were meant to use your water anyway.

Water Me & You

This world is colorful, bright and vibrant. There are lots of contraptions, boxes to climb on, and bits of grass to play around in. As you explore, you can trigger buttons, collect little leaves, and bring flowers to life. There are moments of swinging and playing that feel perfect for younger players and old. There are also bad elements that have to be fought, as they do not understand what you are or want you to pass.

Water can also turn into clouds, flying above anyone below and seedling can become a heavy rock, firing out rocks to defend themselves. Changing your element to solve puzzles and continue forward has both of you working together, especially as seedlings cannot fly without you!

I got the chance to play a limited demo of Water Me & You at Devcom, where I really enjoyed the feel of the game. It’s a great co-op game to play with your child or to play with someone who doesn’t want to compete or play something violent. The story, at the time of playing, wasn’t as obvious through the game, but the world was fun to play in regardless. 

Currently, there is no release date for Water Me & You, but you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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