Truer Than You has you acting as someone’s partner

Truer Than You is a visual novel, where you play as a 27 year old, non-binary actor called Rin who is currently working at a company that rents out actors for improv, real life situations. You need to try your best to uphold your company’s rules while not being exposed as the actor you are.

Truer Than You is a very interesting and captivating narrative game. The entire concept of Rin’s job is one that interested me a lot! Hiring an actor to appear in your life, taking on a role of a character, is one that feels very futuristic. In the bit of the game that I played at Devcom, Rin had been hired to appear near the person who hired them, and then become her date to a party at her house.

Rin waited out by the lake, for what seemed like forever, before the women approached them and said they had a dream about them. After that, Rin got invited to the party and the rest of the friends in this women’s group accepted them. Though it’s unclear why this person needed to hire Rin in the short bit of the game I played, it is interesting to pick Rin’s replies to her friends, interactions in the group, and see what’s happening.

Truer Than You

Lines blur between Rin’s feelings and the job at hand. Making decisions on how to interact with pretend and quite real romantic relationships is a major plot of the game, as you need to navigate Rin’s feelings, your client, and your client’s friends. Your decisions on what to say and how to react seem to make a difference, as you figure out how to adapt to this new job!

Truer Than You does not currently have a release date, but you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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