Tom the Postgirl allows you to see everyone’s dark secrets

Tom the Postgirl is a story-based, point and click adventure game that is full of dark humor and slightly creepy scenes. Tom has the job of delivering packages all through the town, however beyond being someone just delivering items, you can either peek into the items to see what they are, peek into the house to see if people are in, or simply deliver items if you want to just do your job.

Choosing to peek inside the boxes or the homes of people you are delivering to starts to cause a lot of chaos. You will end up opening these packages and then sort of using the items that are there to wreak havoc on the members of the public who were expecting the package themselves. 

Tom the Postgirl is a story based game, but there aren’t any words to read. All of the different scenes are told without words, and instead through the images and animations on the screen. You will see scenes of individuals, inside their homes, and scenes of Tom using the tools that she has opened to mess with them. This story is wild and full of dark, adult humor, but is well told through these scenes.

You are essentially able to become a stalker through your job as a postgirl, finding out tons of dark secrets about the people in your town. The head of the church seems to have a bit of a wild side wearing lipstick in his church, the farmer seems to have a pretty unhealthy relationship with their animals… There are a lot of strange secrets behind closed doors, and nobody seems to ever notice or suspect the postgirl!

Tom the Postgirl

I only got the chance to play a limited demo of Tom the Postgirl at Devcom, but the game itself felt very well polished and designed! 

There is no set release date for Tom the Postgirl, but you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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