War Thunder Is Officially Released

Happy days for Gaijin Entertainment as they have announced that their release version 1.65, “Way of the Samurai” marks the official release of War Thunder.

War Thunder has been around since 2011, and has now finally launched. The new update will bring players to a non-beta version of the game with all of it’s current in-game nations with their own aircraft and tank trees. There are also ships, which means the battles take place through three elements. Land, sea, and air. While the game may be officially released, Gaijin will still be working on improving the game, and as such as working on developing the ship trees to join up alongside the aircraft and tank trees.

The update will complete the Imperial Japanese Army by adding 30 armed ground vehicles, featuring light and medium tanks. There shall also be self propelled guns, and anti-aircraft vehicles.

Players will also notice that within cockpits, all gauges and indicators work, and there will also be two new maps available. Gaijin are going to be working on two new game modes this year also, One being the already announced, World War mode, and also War Thunder Naval Forces.

If you caught wind of this news before the 25th December 2016, you’ll know that players were offered a 50% discount for premium account purchases. But any players that enter the game after the 21st December will find a new title in their game. This title will coincide with their registration date. The different titles will be,

  • Brother in arms
  • Combat proven
  • Faithful warrior
  • The Old Guard

You can see the trailer they pushed out on the 21st below.

Source: Press Release

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