Vulture Strike Launches Demo, Starts Greenlight Campaign

Vulture Strike, a side=scrolling, shoot ’em up title that brings bullet hell and two parallel timelines is looking to the Steam Store as it lands on Steam Greenlight, and there’s a demo available too.

Vulture Strike is a shoot ’em up, side-scrolling, action title in which players get to fly a ship through two universes that can be switched between at any time thanks to the Wormhole Mechanic. Used for avoiding oncoming obstacles and at any time, whenever the player wants, with a coloured sillhouette indicating to the player how dangerous the other timeline is.

Players will face oncoming enemies, with a large array of bullets heading their way too, but by flying dangerously and using the Wormhole Mechanic crazily, players will find themselves getting higher scores, and being able to activate Frenzy mode

It looks like a title in which I personally, would die a lot in, but those who enjoy bullet hell, shmup’s will more than likely enjoy the precise, and dangerous manoeuvres this title looks like it has to offer. It reminds me of R-Type actually!

Vulture Strike is currently looking for votes on Steam Greenlight to get onto the Steam Store, and there is a playable demo available here that can be played on PC, Mac and Linux.You can view the trailer below that shows gameplay footage.


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