Sailaway Turns & Raises Anchor as it Launches Into Early Access

Sailaway is a recently launched Early Access title from OrbCreation that brings the sailing a boat experience to life.

Sailaway is a sailing simulator developed by, OrbCreation and published by, The Irregular Corporation and sees players sailing the worlds major oceans in a realistic simulation where they’ll have to tighten ropes, drop anchors, and face weather that works against them.

The title has launched into Early Access and currently features three boats. The 38′ Cruiserm Mini Transat, and the 52′ Classic Yacht. The interactive elements of the boats, such as sails, and ropes have all been modelled accurately to create a realistic experience, and the oceans of the game will react to weather conditions in lifelike manners, with currents and waves lingering around your ship. The water has also been modelled from real world data and will be unique to each area that the player ventures too.

As well as a day-to-night cycle a chat function is in place to allow players to join a local, group, and global live chat, and players can sail amongst the waves with their friends right next to them, or even on the same boat helping pull on the ropes after planning out a journey through the interactive map.

With the title being Early Access, that obviously means that there are more features to come to Sailaway, and there’s a list that was included with the Press Release that you can find below.

  • More tutorials to help the player get to grips with the finer aspects of sailing
  • More challenges to put your skills to the test
  • Expanded selection of boats
  • Steam achievements
  • Improvements to visual effects and audio
  • Adding further night sky detail
  • Improvements to land mass fidelity
  • Spectator mode
  • Improving world heightmap data
  • Adding further buoy data to the in-game world
  • Tidal water levels and currents
  • User-organised races and events

The below trailer shows off some of the gameplay features and other bits and bobs, and it certainly does look very pretty.

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