The Otterman Empire is a family-friendly shooter with otters and water guns

In deepest, darkest Otterspace (yes), red-suited and blue-suited otters fight for dominance in a variety of lush, multi-platformed environments to see which faction will end up with command of The Otterman Empire.

The Otterman Empire, from Tri-Heart Interactive, is a fun, family-friendly take on the third-person hero shooter genre… with a lodge of otters. As a multiplayer shooter, it stands strong through a few interesting things: first, that it is a fast-paced shooter with non-violent weapons; second, that the water coursing through the levels is integral to players’ continued survival, yet is not claimable.

I was lucky enough to play some of the game whilst at the Develop Big Indie Pitch, where I had a brief chat with the developers about their plans for the game.

The final version of The Otterman Empire is set to include a selection of characters, with a medic, a sniper and a few named characters already implemented and balanced. Perhaps most interestingly, it was the level’s vertical platforming I enjoyed the most; as players are equipped with jetpacks, you have to stay on your toes to get the drop on the opponent. This seems like it could really help the game stand out, especially when it comes to long-ranged characters.

Tri-Heart Interactive’s plan for the game is less than conventional for most small teams: the plan is to exist as a live product after release, with additional content to be released intermittently afterwards to encourage a returning user base.

Those interested in playing The Otterman Empire can try out the latest build for free by downloading it from the developer’s website.

The Otterman Empire is being developed with the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms in mind for release. You can stay up to date with development by following Tri-Heart Interactive on Twitter.

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  1. ottistic says

    When will this game be released??? I LOVE OTTERS SO MUCH I WANT THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks way better than Fortnite.

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