The Escapists 2 Multiplayer Trailer Revealed

Team17 have pushed the latest trailer for Mouldy Toof’s upcoming title, Escapists 2 showing off the multiplayer element coming to the title.

Following on from the original 2015, top-down, pixel-art, prison break title, The Escapists, the sequel has added a much requested multiplayer mode.

The sequel will see players being able to team up with friends online in a bid to escape from prisons together. However it won’t always be a co-op experience as a Versus game mode putting four players against one another either locally or online. The system works on a drop-in drop-out basis, allowing you to join a match and help finish the rest of the escape, or see it through from start to finish.

The entire campaign can also be played with friends. The crafting system returns to the title, with shakedowns still being ordered to stop the inmates from escaping.

That’s not all though, the title will also allow you to customise your inmate with over 300 customisation’s, and players can also create their crew of four players with goals. The art style looks like it has been significantly updated from the original title, and animations seem more fluid this time round.

Check out the trailer below, it’ll be arriving on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this year sometime.

It’s also worth noting that while PC, PS4, and Xbox One players will be able to play local split screen with up to four players, the Nintendo Switch will only be able to split screen with two players.

Source: Press Release

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