Supremely Excellent Goblins Hands On – An Adorable Dungeon Crawler

Supremely Excellent Goblins Gameplay

Traveling through a dungeon in search of your missing cousins and solving puzzles along the way, you take on the role of a goblin and kid duo.

Supremely Excellent Goblins is an adorable adventure puzzler that takes you into the world of Nemo and his goblin friend, Basil. Basil is looking to find his cousins who have been dismembered and hidden away inside jars of goop throughout an extensive dungeon chain. If you can find the jars then you can break them as to collect the parts of his cousins, which in turn will be strung together, and reunite him with his family.

This dungeon isn’t easy to get through, however, as there are loads of ghost-like monsters lurking in the darkness. Most of these monsters will attack you — depending on what type of monsters they are. Giant rabbits try to chomp you with their teeth, birds swoop towards you – trying to spike their beak into you, and hands appear from the ground, shooting their finger guns at you. All of these enemies can be punched, and their bullets can be punched too, which will deflect them back towards them. Both Basil and Nemo have separate health bars, with Nemo’s being quite small. Nemo also cannot attack as he is just a human.

Playing Basil, you can punch whichever ghosts you see fit, keeping the two of you alive. You will need to explore around the dungeon, making sure you are safe, and solving a few puzzles. Some of these ghosts aren’t so threatening and will instead will run away from you. This doubles as a puzzle solution, as the fleeing ghosts can be used to trigger buttons to get to new areas. There are also lives to be collected throughout the dungeon.

I got the chance to play a very early build of Supremely Excellent Goblins at EGX 2017. So far the game shows lots of potential — I also really enjoy the feature which means that collecting the cousins results in you getting the chance to then play as them.

Supremely Excellent Goblins Gameplay

In the demo, you could not switch between Basil and Nemo, however, the developer said that would be implemented further down the line. Instead, I was able to protect the boy and play Basil — up until meeting an end boss and destroying him. Between the cute graphic style, the adorable pairing of human and goblins, and the stylish monsters, I am very excited to see where Supremely Excellent Goblins goes!

If you’d like to follow development, you can follow @smallgamedev on Twitter or check out their website.

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