Spectrum Forces — Rainbow Power!

Playing Spectrum Forces reminds me of what life would be if the Care Bears were an interplanetary defence force — a great one. In this colourful shoot ’em up, decide which pilots will join in during the mission to defend three different planets from Abandonware. Apart from the punnily named bosses and enemies, Spectrum Forces is a force to be reckoned with.

As PUNKCAKE Délicieux’s latest offering, Spectrum Forces does not disappoint. Even with only three worlds to clear, it is colorful and Pentadrangle’s chiptune music echoes in beats and waves. The pilots themselves are varied not just by their assigned colour, but by the various types of people in the game.

Choose your fighter(s)!

On the planet of Dunomini, which seems to be a homage to the planet Arrakis — I find myself dueling with droids and sand worms. The planet seems inhospitable, but boss Serp-O-Let — a spider-like mechanical creature makes it less so. With four spindly legs and a range of bubble based attacks, I find myself thankful the moment my Overdrive power kicks in.

Two more planets — Baenia and Inferric boast challenges as varied as Dunomini. The former with its dragon-like boss and a smiley tank all too happy to launch missiles at me. Most other enemies threw their weight at me, but were no match. My personal favourite was the robotic eyeball — brings a whole new meaning to “watch your back”.

spectrum forces
Robo dragon? Check. Solo battle. Check and check.

Dodging around the bullet hell of the bosses was a fun experience — one could see more of the spectrum of colours during these times! Again, PUNKCAKE Délicieux brings to the table a game that sits right at home with the lovely pixel art of games like Metavaxx, Damocles Gaze, and The Wratch’s Den.

Grab Spectrum Forces on itch.io! Support the devs on Patreon too!

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