Scavenger of Dunomini Digs Into Loads of Fun

Grinding for materials in a video game is either a chore necessary to get that upgrade you so desperately want, or a fun (read: masochistic) exercise for the fastest time. With PUNKCAKE Délicieux’s offering Scavenger of Dunomini, it is one of survival. Set in the same universe as Spectrum Forces, you take control of a little bot in charge of an enormous pile of neverending waste.

In true scavenger fashion, you must match the trash into specific icons in order to gain supplies necessary to defeat hordes of enemy bots after your precious, precious copper. Scavenger of Dunomini plays in both single-player and co-op. The former tasks you to defend your fort against waves of enemies, buying you enough time to gather resources.

Scavenger of Dunomini
Gotta keep going!

As your resources build, so do your enemies — they come harder, faster, and in greater quantities. You will have more arms at your disposal, but you must be quick in placing these to dispatch them.

Co-op mode has two little bots instead of one — I was tasked to build a never-ending turret of defenses as my partner bot worked hard on matching up the necessary items for me. One could also dig up dirt, and reinforce the fort with mounds the enemies must climb over. A strategically placed gun removes them before they even have the chance to climb over.

Scavenger of Dunomini is a game that is loads of fun in either mode. Nothing begets joy like frenetically rushing to keep the ammunition stocked as a swarm of evil clones come after you — and succeed. Or you could simply go head to head with another player in a local battle.

Fite me!

PUNKCAKE Délicieux constantly puts out new, fun pixel games. The ever-present Pentadrangle drums up this game’s lovely soundtrack as well.

Now let me be as I dig my way to even more treasures!

Grab Scavenger of Dunomini on! Support the devs on Patreon too!

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