Shroomchitect Is A Short, Relaxing Builder

What happens when you cross Minecraft with Spore? PUNKCAKE Délicieux’s Shroomchitect, but you can also pet your cute inhabitants — the Shroomies! A cute, relaxing builder, Shroomchitect tasks you with building the perfect mushroom home for your new friends. Perform tasks, work on expanding your fungal-like abode, and take the best pictures!

In an age where plenty of games are focused on players completing endless tasks for loot and fighting baddies (for loot), Shroomchitect is part of a genre of games that allows players to just relax. Personally, I’m all hyped for Pokémon or Xuan Yuan Sword’s action-packed gameplay, but once in a while, relaxation is what I seek.

Let’s build a mushroom home!

Shromchitect provides this in the form of building your mushroom home block by block. As it grows, you can feed and pet your Shroomies (demi-spirits of the forest who look like sentient mochi balls) like digital pets. Watch them scuttle about happily doing various tasks — it’s like a Tamagotchi, but there’s more than one!

Each Shroomie has four bars — Hunger, Energy, Purpose, and Social. Keeping an eye on these is the key to a happy Shroomie, and boy are they a joy to be around. You can rename your Shroomies, but the gameplay is largely done with just a mouse. Be sure to position your in-game camera to grab the perfect screenshot of your tiny friends!

Taking pictures in Shroomchitect was a really fun experience, and I enjoyed having to come up with more and more creative ways to take shots of my adorable home and its inhabitants. As I finish up my current home, I think of making more — and the joy of starting a new save file specifically for a new design really gets me as a creator. It’s the kind of joy that most is pure and simple — just creating for the sake of it.

One of many styles you can build you home in!

PUNKCAKE Délicieux have brought Pentadrangle on board once more for the amazing chiptune music that permeates the game. All in all, Shroomchitect is a fun, short, yet relaxing game — one that I’ll be heading back to many times over. You can also check out the other articles I’ve written on PUNKCAKE Délicieux’s other titles — each unique in their own way.

Grab Shroomchitect on and support the devs on Patreon!

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