Release Date Revealed for Drive! Drive! Drive!

Drive! Drive! Drive! developed by Different Cloth have pushed out a release date announcement trailer, confirming December 13th as the day it’ll hit PC and PS4.

Drive! Drive! Drive! is a game inspired by those physical track racing set ups you probably had as a kid, racing little electronic cars along a racetrack with grooves to hold the car in place. The takes the same setting but allows your vehicle to freely steer around th width of the track.

Yóu can gain points for smashing into other cars, and the whole idea is to race, and manage multiple tracks at the same time, You can switch between tracks at any point, and in doing so, a computer AI will take over your vehicle you were just manning whilst you begin controlling the other vehicle.

The AI isn’t particulary clever and will require you to jump between tracks to ensure they are performing well. So really, the game is a racing game with a strategy element involved. Not only that, but the game is set in various galaxies and gravities making driving a challenge.

In what I thought was probably a rather slow trailer, the game eventually shows gameplay footage alongside a soundtrack by prog rock band Zombi, The trailer shows a quick insight into the track maker, and the smashy uppy racing, set within a type of minimal, and monochromatic theme.

The trailer ends with the date, December 13th shown, and states it’ll be available on PS4, and PC.

Source: Choice Publishing

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