Prison Architect Gets Surprise Guard Improving Update

Introversion Software on the 20th December released a surprise update to their, Prison Architect game with the main focus being on your guards needs.

Failing to meet your staffs needs will now result in bad performance when carrying out their duties. You’ll now need to ensure they have access to toilets, and you can add a staff room with a serving table to refill their bowels and satisfy their hunger. You are able to equip them with tasers, body armour, and other methods to help them feel safe in their working environment.

Sometimes it can be boring watching inmates, so staff are now allowed to make use of entertainment devices, such as TV’s, Pool tables, etc, and then throw down a sofa or two so they can replenish their comfort levels.The guards are now also affected by the surroundings, so make sure it’s clean. Resting has replaced, “Tiredness” and will require staff to wind down to keep themselves, and the prison cool. If they stress out, or feel overworked then the prison will just get “hotter” and harder to manage.

Failure to meet staff needs will result in them dragging their heels like stroppy teenagers, shrugging of illegal contraband, turning a blind eye to trouble, and not even confronting gangs. They could also begin taking bribes. Basically, look after your staff, or the prison will become corrupt. We all watched Prison Break right?

There were some other changes that were made to the game through the update, and they can be viewed below,

Staff break times

  • You can now specify how much break time to grant your staff. Go to Reports -> Policy.
  • You can choose how long each break is, and how many breaks per day are taken.
  • Staff on break will immediately begin attending to their needs.
  • Staff will always finish their current job before starting their break.

Other changes

  • Arcade Cabinets have had their sound turned down
  • Larger clone size with Tools and Cheats enabled.
  • Main menu: ‘Terms and Conditions’ moved to Options menu.
  • Main menu: Added ‘Other Introversion Games’ link.
  • Tooltip added to Analytics in Options menu.

BUG Fixes

  • Fixed: Dog Handlers would be completely paralised if injured, and there was no Medical Ward
  • Crash when loading with mods which define a custom room.
  • Family Rooms no longer erroneously display the cell quality too high warning.

Below is a lengthy video showing the update in action with the developers chittering away! Enjoy!

Source: Steam Update

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