Patou has you exploring your own relationships

You have had a bit of an argument with your mother, like most teenagers have done at least once. Going to bed angry, you’ve woken up in a strange, dreamlike world, full of TVs, a giant troll, and looming voices to guide you. Patou is a narrative driven puzzle game full of curiosity.

Playing as Kit, you will be exploring what happened in your family and why there are so many arguments, but instead of being a straightforward game where you spend time talking to characters to figure out what is going on in the deeper story, you are solving puzzles, exploring ruins, and talking to phantoms to figure out your own past. 

You do gain a friend in this strange, whimsical world. Patou is the name of a massive white dog that you can ride and explore around with. As you travel around together, you will be helping each other solve puzzles and discovering your own memories so that you are better able to understand exactly what is going on. 

I only got the chance to play a small portion of Patou at Devcom this year, but I was very much interested and captivated by its strange world, giant troll, and tons of TVs that need your attention. There is a lot of exploring, discovering, and trying to understand exactly what has happened around you. The writing in Patou is very funny as well, which is always enjoyable, especially in such a strange and chaotic world where so much can be made into fun moments! Kit feels like a really relatable teenager with the same complex feelings about family as most have at that age, and the giant dog is just a fun touch!

Patou is set to release in 2024, but you can wishlist the game right now on Steam.

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