Out Now, Anoxemia Gets Teaser Trailer For PS4 & Xbox One

Anoxemia, an underwater adventure previously released on PC and Mac in 2015 has launched on PS4 and Xbox One yesterday. 

From BSK Games comes Anoxemia. A title set in the terrifying depths of a contaminated sea after the players submarine crashes to the sea bed. Lost and alone, the player and their drone, “ATMA” must reach freedom, but ATMA appears to be almost sabotaging the mission. It’s a fairly nice idea that is narrated by the characters thoughts being voiced, and the visuals look remarkable, sharing an almost, Toby and the Secret Mine feel.

There are thirty-eight levels to traverse across, and each one contains different items and upgrades to find as well as getting past reaction based puzzles.

Anoxemia arrived on PS4 and Xbox One digitally on the 28th March thanks for publisher, Badland Games. It has been on the PC, Linux, and Mac since 2015.

Source: Press Release

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