Kind Words — Spread love and compassion to strangers

Anonymously share your worries with strangers and receive support in Pop Cannibal’s Kind Words — a unique experience that feels like a warm hug.

I have a real love/hate relationship with The Internet. On the one hand, I love that you can connect with strangers across the world about shared interests, and I have made many friends through The Internet. On the other, it has a dark side — anybody just looking at YouTube comments and responses to viral tweets know this can be utterly heartbreaking. There is a lot of hatred, negativity and bullying online. With Kind Words, Pop Cannibal is attempting to change that.

Kind Words is a bit like Post Secret but with the ability to send a reply to the author. People are invited by the game’s post deer, Ella, to share anonymously something that is worrying them. Other players can then scroll through these postcards and write an anonymous response directly to them. If the recipient likes their letter, they can thank them with a sticker (they are not able to respond back). The stickers that you receive can be viewed and displayed as plush figures and toys in your character’s bedroom on the main screen, which is a nice touch.

In the meantime, the game has a mixtape of chill out music playing, that keeps the atmosphere of the game relaxed and comforting.

Sending a reply to a postcard in Kind Words.
Sending a reply to a postcard in Kind Words.

While scrolling through all of these postcards, I was struck by the honesty of the messages. Postcards vary between asking for advice, asking for recommendations of books or films, to reaching out for support in a difficult time.

If players have something they would like to share that isn’t asking for support (such as positive quotes or general encouragement), they can also opt to say ‘Nice Things’ that fly by on paper aeroplanes across the screen.

I really like that you can request to download all of the responses you have received as an HTML file to keep them. You can also view your notifications in a browser if you want to check them without opening Steam.

Each postcard is written by a real person, and while there is the potential for abuse, all of the postcards I saw were in the spirit of the game. Negative postcards or responses can be reported. Pop Cannibal also moderates postcards and responses.

Kind Words — once received, the model boat sticker can be awarded to other players and displayed in your bedroom
Once received, the model boat sticker can be awarded to other players and displayed in your bedroom.

However, the music and the honesty of the other responses have set the tone of the game — it is a very safe, comforting space. I spent quite a lot of time scrolling through the postcards and responding to other people, and it was a really great experience that made me feel really good.

This is such a unique concept. I saw one postcard that said they were becoming addicted to the game and I can certainly understand why. While it is referred to as a ‘game’, it feels more like a warm hug or sitting down with friends. It is filled with kindness and compassion, and is one I’d recommend to everyone.

Kind Words is now available to buy on Steam.

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