Kentucky Fried Pixels bundle — colorful cars, tiny birds, organizing boxes and more

Louisville Makes Games have released their yearly Kentucky Fried Pixels bundle of games! Kentucky Fried Pixels is a series of events that take place over the course of a month. It is aimed at empowering and nurturing local game creators, helping to provide the needed tools and resources to make a game and release it. There is so much going on — boot-camp documents full of resources, a game jam, workshops and even playtesting days, all for developers in the local community.

This year, Kentucky Fried Pixel’s bundle includes seven games made in Kentucky, all for $1 or more. The money raised from this pack will go towards Louisville Makes Games so they can continue to do such amazing things for the game development community. And I am going to talk about each and every game.

Carkour! by Roaring Cat Games

Carkour! sees you attempt to bring your paint-filled truck to the finish line. You can’t directly control this truck, so instead you must place boosts, ramps and trampolines throughout each level, each moving the car towards the finish line. Once you hit go, the truck starts moving forward, leaving paint splatters as it goes to show you the previous attempt you had at the level versus the current route you are following.

Carkour!You cannot move forward if your truck tips over or if it falls off any of the blocks around the level. You have very limited pieces to add to the level, so placing them in the best area possible really helps.

Carkour! is physics-based — the exception being the tools you drop, which stay exactly where you place them. A variety of levels is currently in the game, however it is still in development — so more levels, tools and adjustments will be added over time.

Flewberry by Alex Garbus

Flewberry has you training, then helping your own little birb reach their dreams! You have a tiny, round bird who wants to fly high into the sky, collecting coins and berries!

This isn’t an easy task for such a young bird — you need skills and training to be able to make it up that high. There are several things you can do with your bird: change their color and add accessories to their look; feed them various berries (each helping their skills and abilities); and take them flying to collect resources.

FlewberryFlying is what you end up doing for most of the game, flapping your wings as you move up the screen, going up each platform. Some platforms are spiked and will harm you instantly, while others will fall if you stay on them too long. You need to collect the coins on the platforms and grab three out of the four berries that fall from the sky. Spiked blackberries need to be avoided, while the rest need to be collected and enjoyed by your birb. Flewberry is a very cute little game with a really nice visual style!

Shadow Siege: Rogue Island by PeachPieProductions

Shadow Siege: Rogue Island is a first-person shooter where you can take on AI opponents and play locally with your friend, trying to eliminate all of the enemies around you.

You have washed up on the shore of an island which seems to contain a base of enemies. With only a knife, you can loot boxes for more items or stab enemies and hope they drop their gun. You can scroll through these guns and use them to slowly take down enemies, but these enemies will fight back.

Shadow Siege: Rogue IslandThey fight back by shooting back at you and laying down mines for you to run into — you will definitely need to watch your back. You can, of course, set traps and move around quickly, taking them out if you’re skilled enough.

Each character also has their own ability — my favorite being the character who can turn invisible — to help you survive even longer. Being outnumbered isn’t a problem if your aim is good enough!

Meow Meow Madness by Shiny Ogre Games

Meow Meow Madness is a local two-player game where you and your friend take turns hiding cat food and being a cat that must find said cat food.

To start with, one of you plays a human who doesn’t want their cat making a huge mess. You must hide the cat food somewhere in the house in the hope that the cat will not find it on their next turn. You also have few traps to hide, just in case it’s too obvious. Once it is the cat’s turn, they can explore around, looking for the food until their time is up.

The cat must try not to make a mess or find any traps — simply hoping to grab the delicious, hidden food. Meow Meow Madness is currently in a very early build, but it has lots of potential as a non-violent local game!

Project Rungeon by Spacetronaut

Project Rungeon, currently in a very early alpha state, is an online multiplayer game where you must kill off your cute enemy.

You are low on cash but working from home in some very illegal ways. You are a netrunner, one who tries to find their way quickly through various mega-corporation payroll systems to steal some crypto cash. You aren’t the only one with this lifestyle — other players appear looking to get to the payday before you.

Project RungeonWith your little sword, you can fight your way through firewalls and hackers to — hopefully — make it to the money you clearly deserve. Project Rungeon is a mix of neon lights and cute anime characters. Though it doesn’t have much to do besides killing your friend with a few stabs of your blade, the framework is there!

Fragile Panic by Jryvn

Fragile Panic is a very short and simple matching game. Your supervisor has called you into work during your day off, for an emergency. Apparently, a frustrated employee scrambled the shipping orders for the following month — and they all need to be loaded onto the delivery truck right now. Only you can fix this issue, by moving matching items into long boxes until the box is full.

Since everyone is in a rush, you don’t have time to put any of the items down unless it is in a box. Once the box is full of the same item, it will tape itself shut and go into the truck. You can move down the conveyor belt, in the hope of getting more room and better boxes, but sometimes even that isn’t enough to keep your job afloat.

Kaiju Claim by Robbie Cooper

Kaiju Claim has you trying to defend the town from the worst possible Kaiju — green boxes!

You have a giant laser you can use to defend the city — but you will have to keep that laser pointed at the monsters until they completely die. To make matters worse, any damage caused to the town by these monsters will come out of your paycheck. You want to earn enough money to retire — so you had better get killing!

At the end of each wave, you can decide if you want to keep the money you have made and enter retirement or take on another wave in the hope of making even more. It takes a lot of money to fully retire, and these monsters will keep providing an easy payday.

There isn’t much to this build of Kaiju Claim, but there is definitely more to come.

Get all of these games, while supporting the local game developer community, by grabbing this bundle.

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