“Jurassic World Survivor” Trademark Rights Snapped Up by Perfect World Entertainment

Perfect World Entertainment have grabbed hold of the trademark rights to Jurassic World Survivor.

Back in 2015, Cryptic Studios were working on a survival MMO named, Jurassic World Survivor, but it eventually got shelved. It sounds as though it was set to be similar to the popular H1Z1 game, only with dinosaurs rather than zombies. Intended to hit Early Access in the near future it was suddenly canned, although remnants of the story started cropping up when the studio thought they’d lost the project.

A recent who.is entry from October 2016 shows the below information giving the website domain over to Zheng Zeng of Perfect World Entertainment.

December the 24th saw the name pop up again in the trademark entries for the field of video games. So there’s certainly something going on!

From the source below it seems like Cryptic Studios are being brought back for development with the help of publisher, Perfect World Entertainment, and while there has been no official confirmation, I imagine the game will continue its development, and more news will surface when things become confirmed.

Source: Jurassic Outpost

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