Interactive Horror Novel, The Letter is Coming to Steam This Year

The Letter, an interactive novel is set to terrify players sometime this year as it heads to Steam.

Developer Yangyang Mobile have got an interactive visual novel coming to Steam this year called The Letter, and the genre is a horror! The title has been rated mature due to sexual themes, racial slurs, offensive language, gore, and violence. But now that you’re aware of that, let’s carry on!

The story is set within Luxbourne City, within Ermengarde Mansion, a 17th-century English mansion, a building said to be haunted by volatile spirits. One day, the house has an open day and seven people discover a letter and find themselves becoming trapped within the mansion, they attempt to escape, but will they be able too?

After a successful run on Kickstarter, with the title getting $33,946 rather than the original $30,000 target, the game also has a, PC, Mac, and Linux demo available to download so that players can get an experience before release. You can find the demo here, just scroll down a bit.

There’s said to be around about 500,000 words within the title, which will take place in a non-chronological storytelling style, and the seven characters will all have their own personalities and spoken in optional English. You’ll be able to mend or destroy relationships between people which will all tie in towards one of the many alternative endings for each chapter, which will then determine how the next chapter plays out.

The game also looks very pretty as well as looking very dark and tense. The backgrounds are all animated and done in a hand painted art style. There are over 80 backgrounds with 100 CG’s (Computer Graphic’s). There is also a branching tree that will allow you to keep a track on your progress and routes taken, and a journal that notes down events in chronological orders, as well as jotting down any clues found.

The Letter should be arriving sometime during Q2 2017 for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Source: Steam Page

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