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Reed - LogoTitle: Reed
Developer: Bug Studio
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What type of game is it?


What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

A small-screen platformer with dangerous traps and a simple story; Reed must find the various pieces of the supercomputer which holds the world together, in order to save it.

What do we like most about it?

The art style is lovely. Not only am I a fan of the pixelated style, that simplicity is entirely underlined as a style when shown moving, against the backdrop of a many layer parallax backdrop

The low-fi art style, floaty ambience and hero designs are sure to draw comparisons between the game and Fez; however, where Fez hid puzzles about it’s world and played with perception, Reed is instead a humble platformer with tight jumps and an equally wonderful world to explore.

When’s it due?

Reed is due to launch on PC, Mac & Linux, however I couldn’t find a release date. Hopefully we’ll have one shortly, as the game is currently greenlit at time of posting.

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