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ghostory-logoTitle: Ghostory
Developer: RigidCore Games
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What type of game is it?

Puzzle Platformer

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

You are a traveller stuck in an ancient cave network and surely doomed to die; that is until you gain the ability to cast yourself from your body and explore in ghost form in order to help you solve the mysteries of the tomb and escape.

What do we like most about it?

There’s some very clever level design and navigational puzzles in the game that require you to use both forms in order to get around the map. The idea of the human form being the one who can carry items, while the ghost can travel through certain items to trigger switches certainly doesn’t feel majorly unique, but it is done terrifically well in this brilliant looking little student project.

While, being a student project, there’s a high chance that the developers were not even born during the height of the DOS platformer, they’ve managed to capture the novelty and style of them perfectly.

When’s it due?

Ghostory is set to release in late 2016 for Windows PC.

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