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Curse - LogoTitle: Curse
Developer: Stormlord Games
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What type of game is it?

First Person Exploratory Horror.

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

An immersive splicing of the first-person exploratory point and click genre – known to some as Walking Simulators – with an atmospheric horror game taking place in a vast mansion filled with supernatural horrors.

What do we like most about it?

I don’t normally push games from the horror genre through into the Greenlight Highlight section on the site – this is mainly because I’m no fan of blind gore, or of games where you can’t actually fight back against the evil you’re facing. As you probably know, this encompasses most of the horror titles which enter into Greenlight; games chasing Slender, or Amnesia for their successes. I’m a fan of horror as a setting, even as a mechanic; having enjoyed games like Illbleed, Silent Hill, over the years.

Anyway, Curse.

Curse gives you a chance to fight back against the evil through the three floors of the mansion, you enter equipped with a flashlight which will startle and end the threats of various evils throughout the manor. – however, you’ve only got limited charge in said torch, and as the game plays with your nerves you might find yourself wasting it on tight corners, and tilting halls… And, it all looks really high quality, with pristine graphics on show in the screenshots over on the Greenlight page.

When’s it due?

Curse is due a demo (PC, Mac & Linux) any day now, hopefully a confirmed release date will follow on from there.

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