Get Pumped, Tekken 7 Is Launching On 2nd June

Bandai Namco have announced the release date of Tekken 7, and will see the game arriving on the 2nd June.

Tekken 7, the storied fighting game most gamers know about will see its return on the 2nd June 2017, and it has a trailer to go alongside the announcement.

The story about a boy seeking revenge against his Father, which leads to a dramatic escalation takes the Tekken story down a dark path, and the fighting comes back, faster, and stronger than before. The trailer shows a bunch of cinematics, then once you hit the 1:13 mark you get to see what looks like in-game gameplay, along with some finishing moves, and beautiful combos.

There will be a, Tekken 7 Collectors Edition available for the PS4 and Xbox One users, this will contain a 12″ statue of Kazuya kicking Heihachi in mid-air, as well as a steel book, and the official Tekken 7 soundtrack.

Another order available will be the Tekken 7 Season Pass which will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This will grant players access to three content packs that will extend the Tekken 7 experience, bringing new characters, stages, and a new gamemode. There will also be a bonus 35-piece metallic costume pack coming which…sounds kinky.

The Tekken 7 pre-order bonus which is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, will include DLC access to Eliza, a vampire character that made her debut in Tekken Revolution. Xbox One players will get an added bonus on receiving a free copy of Tekken 6, taking full advantage of the backwards compatibility.

The Digital Deluxe Edition, which is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, will allow players access to the game and the season pass. The PS4 version of Tekken 7 will contain exclusive content, such as legacy costumes from Tekken 4, and Tekken 2 for King, Xiaoyu, and Jin. There will also be a Jukebox mode allowing PS4 players to listen to the classic tracks, and create their own playlists from the Tekken library.

The trailer can be found below, and the game is set to be releasing for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on the 2nd June.

Source: Press Release


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