Frontline Scavenger is a gritty, futuristic four player brawler

Grungy smoggy skylines filled with busy airways and pulsing neon signs make for a mean backdrop to Frontline Scavenger‘s murky arena.

Frontline Scavenger, from Amazing Soul Games, is an up-to-four players fighting game where each player takes on the role of a hero-unit of sorts. Where most four-player fighters normally have each person playing identical characters, with their only differences being down to player skill and the objects which they manage to collect from the floor, in Frontline Scavenger your starting load-out is defined by your character.

Perhaps more interesting than this diversion from genre traditions is the interactive environments. Laser force fields, speeding trains and cargo containers can also maim and kill your foes — many of these objects can be triggered by players moving near switches and buttons. Where many games of this ilk have beaten the ‘stock hoarding’ which can come from a player hiding away from the others by having the kills count rather than the lives, Frontline Scavenger forces players to actively hunt down those who are on the other side of the screen from them because that’s where the buttons to trigger environmental traps are placed.

Frontline ScavengersI played through some of Frontline Scavenger while at Pocket Gamer Connects earlier on in the year, where it went by the name of Yardin, and quite enjoyed my brief time with the game. There was a gritty aesthetic reminiscent of the MegaDrive Demolition Man environments and the chunky-yet-detailed character designs really fit the mood. Also, grenades were deadly but limited, and really changed up the quick round times.

Frontline Scavenger is currently in development for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC. You can follow the developers on Twitter.

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    It looks amazing, I love it

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