EWin Flash XL Gaming Chair — Some Concessions Required

Searching for a new chair can be a daunting experience. Especially when the market is so vast with chairs of all kinds. Also my height doesn’t help my chances at finding a chair that is a comfortable sitting height. EWinRacing gaming chairs sent me one from their gaming chair lineup called Flash XL, specifically the colorway FL-BC3C-XL. I’m putting it to the test against my old chair and hope it brings some upgrades.

Unpacking my Flash XL I can confidently say it was packaged well. Everything had its own protective layer. I would confidently order this to ship anywhere to the contiguous United States. Everything I needed for assembly was there.

Once I started assembling the Flash XL I noticed the instructions weren’t exact. It wasn’t too difficult figuring out the whole process of connecting the backrest to the seat. During that it led me to think about possible wear and tear down the line. The sides of the backrest rub into some edges on either side. Also the hydraulic piston itself appeared small to me after handling the weight of unpacking the rest of the chair.

The Flash XL chair fully extended at its max angle.

Sitting in the Flash XL feels comfortable. I feel well supported by the seat’s cushion and backrest. The full movement of the armrests is a nice feature to have. I’m able to adjust it to the exact height of the desk I use. The armrests are of a hybrid material that errs on the stiffer side which I like. Even though the chair itself is faux leather it has a soft touch. There’s plenty of color options that the Flash XL offers, too, so you can match your office gaming chair to the feel of your office.

Here’s where the nuance begins for the Flash XL chair. Although I’m comfortable sitting in this chair there’s an overall feeling of wobble. Understandably the armrest feels wobbly because the trade off is the aforementioned movement of them. So for the rest of the chair to have a rickety feel is strange. You won’t often run into it but I would be mindful of the chair’s balance. The Flash XL almost toppled over as I tried bringing myself closer to the desk from a sitting position.

The Flash XL chair sitting in front of a work desk.

During assembly I noticed the seams under the seat of the Flash XL. There are staple rings and some exposed thin metal bars that may or may not be a hazard. Should something cross that underside it’s possible it could get caught up in that.

A year into owning this chair might paint a different picture than what I’m writing now. What is nice to know is the Flash XL is backed by a lengthy warranty. Assembling the chair should show you how simple it could be for parts to be sent out for replacement instead of the entire chair.

I have mixed feelings about EWin‘s Flash XL gaming chair. Though it is a heavy duty gaming chair 550 lbs, there are too many nitpicks for me to say I’d be happy with my purchase. The Flash XL looks the part of a gaming chair but the concessions weigh heavily against its competition—at this price there’s plenty to sit on.

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