ELEX’s Berserker’s Turn Science to Magic; Shown in Latest Trailer

THQ Nordic, and developer Piranha Bytes, have released a new trailer for upcoming RPG ELEX, and it’s all about the Berserker faction.

Elex, which launches later on this year, sees players exploring the world of Magalan, a once advanced world which fell from it’s peak after a calamitous asteroid collision with the world. It wasn’t just death that it brought though, a new element – the titular, and mysterious- ELEX also appeared. Various factions wander the remnants of society, each making their own way to survive through using ELEX. Some groups turn it to power guns, robots, technology, while others -like the Berserkers in the new trailer- turn it to mana which they use to regrow the world, give them magical powers, and enchant their weapons.

I managed to get some hands-on time with ELEX earlier in the year at EGX Rezzed (there’ll be an article on the site over the next week), and it was the setting, as well as the juxtaposition between melee & ranged combat, which was the thing that impressed on me the most. The mystery and power behind the element allows for a setting that is split straight between science fiction and fantasy, yet -despite the obvious contrasts- manages to keep the game feeling balanced.

Melee is definitely the focus of the below trailer however, although we do see a few fireballs being tossed near the end of it; It’s hard not to watch the trailer and think the game is a fantasy RPG like Piranha Bytes’ other IPs (Risen & Gothika), but that feeling will definitely pass when a mechanised walker starts firing laser beams at you as you finish off a gun wielding bandit with your flaming sword.

ELEX is currently planned for launch later on this year, however no target window has been specified. When it does launch it will do so for PC, Xbox One & PS4. 

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