Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising DLC & Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf Brings Golf & New Story This Spring

Dead Rising 4 got a DLC not long ago bringing some Street Fighter characters to the base game, but now two new DLC’s are set to come out which brings not only a golf mode, but also a story where players take on the role of a zombie version of Frank.

Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising will arrive on April the 4th and will bring  a new story element in which players explore what Frank’s fate is during a new outbreak. He’s slowly turning into a zombie and must rush around trying to find a cure, but the more he’s looking for a cure, the stronger the zombie hold is taking over him, and he begins to find himself learning new abilities and becoming stronger. There’s also the goal of saving several survivors that Frank knows and cares about, and thus begins the complications that build the story.

There is also another DLC to come to the game that brings Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf. This will bring various golf clubs, costumes, and balls, with the wonderful commentary of what’s happening voiced by Frank West. The goal is to get the biggest kill count, and it can be played online with up to four players, or locally with turn-based play. There has been no confirmation on dates for this yet, but expect to hear about it soon.

Source: Xbox Wire


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