Two New Trailers For Nintendo Switch Title, “Arms” Shows Characters and Weapons

Nintendo’s Spring release title, Arms is to be arriving on Nintendo Switch, and now we get to see a very nice introduction to the characters and the weapons in two separate trailers.

Let’s start with the character introduction trailer which starts off introducing us to Spring Man. It’s rather clear that he gets his name from his springy arms, with a perk of being able to bounce back the opponents attacks by springing the attack out of the way. It’s like a block, but it doesn’t look like there’s much blocking going on…other perks allow his arms to remain charged when he’s at low health. Ribbon Girl is capable of jumping in the air repeatedly and using her ribbon arms to slam down on the opponents.

Ninjara uses chains and uses his ninja style air-dash ability to disappear for a second as he dashes through the air. He can do this while blocking as well. Master Mummy comes from the times when they wrapped up dead bodies in the way Master Mummy looks. His huge size allows him to withstand attacks and when blocking he uses his mysterious Egyptian powers to regenerate his health. Mechanica uses her rockets to attack, and is capable of hovering, and like Master Mummy, her armour makes her tougher.

Check out the trailer.

The other trailer shows off the weapons…which are really just arms and hands.

We’re introduced to Toaster which are really just boxing gloves that catch fire when they’re fully charged. The Megaton may be slow, but the size and weight bring a huge punch, and when they’re fully charged up, they can flick away opposing punches like flies. Sparky, as the name would suggest is electrical, they’ll stun opponents easily. Boomerang go around towards the opponents rather that directly towards them, and when charged up they’ll blow away with a strong attack.

Revolver allows players to fire three shots with one punch, and a charged punch will shock and stun, but they are weak and can be easily stopped. Slapamander…which is a bloody great name, will act as a whip that can set alight when it’s charged up.

Interestingly players are able to mix and match arms, so you can combine the Slapamander in one arm, and use a Megaton in the other.

Arms will be arriving on Nintendo Switch this Spring, I would imagine with the release of these trailers we can expect it to be very soon.

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