DayZ on Xbox One is a quiet walk in the park

At some point around three and a half years ago, I decided that having an Xbox One on its own wouldn’t be enough. I needed a PS4. To justify such a lavish (and back then, probably unnecessary) purchase, I catalogued a list of known exclusive content, which would otherwise remain unavailable to me. Close to the top of the list was DayZ, which at the time looked like an edgy, exciting mix of online role playing, survival horror and social experiment.

Fast forward to the present day and I find myself doggedly playing the ‘Game Preview’ version of DayZ on Microsoft’s console whilst thankfully, my PS4 remains gainfully employed by much more impressive efforts. There’s a clue here: perhaps the main reason why DayZ now appears among the less-polished ranks of Microsoft’s early access games, rather than as a flagship PS4 title, is because it’s still a broken mess.

To put a finer point on it, DayZ is currently a rather expensive waste of money, which I can only suggest that you avoid for at least the foreseeable future. This is a game that has already been in early access for five years on PC and in all honesty, I think the opportunity for this kind of game might have passed. Yes, I was still excited when I booted it up, but that excitement quickly faded into abject disappointment due to a laundry list of issues which I will now attempt to summarise in a few (all-too-brief) paragraphs before I then attempt to drag something positive from the smouldering ash that I once called Hope and Expectation.


You’ll boot up DayZ and be met with the option to watch an introductory video, which feels as if it introduces a narrative that ends abruptly about halfway through and is then never discussed again. There’s also a series of screens featuring vague instructions that the game claims to be its tutorial. It isn’t. It will leave you woefully unprepared for one of the first and most persistent challenges you’ll face in DayZ: an inventory system that wouldn’t have been acceptable on a PC game from 1988, let alone on a console in the present day.

You’ll then choose a server and attempt to join it. I say ‘attempt’ because you might be lucky, or you might not. Even when you are, you’ll most likely need to sit through a queue of about a hundred people (which can take ten minutes) even though the server you are joining only had six people on it (out of sixty) when you connected. Sometimes you’ll need to reboot the game completely in order to connect. One small mercy, I should note, is that once you actually do get into a game, it seems fairly reliable — dropouts do happen, but no more frequently than in any other early-access game.

The real problem with DayZ is what happens once you’re in a game. You probably need some context from me here to align your expectations about what I’m going to say. Personally, I’m not the kind of reviewer to soldier on for hundreds of hours to see a late game that most people won’t ever reach because the experience of getting there is so dismal. With that in mind, and considering what I’m about to say, you can reasonably assume that there are things I haven’t seen in DayZ, but I’ll explain why as I go.


As such, I don’t know the map in DayZ off by heart and I don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of the crafting possibilities, but I do have a moderate-to-high level of gaming competence, so please rest assured that I’m not ‘missing things’ as I describe my experience with the game so far. Firstly, in my first three spawns, I didn’t see a single living thing — not a zombie, not a person, not a single creature.

In my first spawn, I woke up beside the sea (as the introduction video shows) and saw the outline of a ship in the distance, which I decided to explore. As I approached the ship, I saw that it had been grounded and its hull cracked in two, which had resulted in containers being strewn all over the shoreline. An atmospheric setting for… absolutely nothing. On that ship I found several pairs of tracksuit bottoms and a flare, but nothing else. By the time I had finished exploring, I was so dehydrated I died whilst jogging back towards where I assumed there might be some form of habitation.

On my second spawn, I found a concrete works which also looked interesting. Inside, the rooms were completely barren and devoid not only of life, but also of furniture. During the zombie apocalypse I can only assume that every building was literally stripped from the ground up. Weirdly, I found several more track suits. This time I did reach a town and even found some water in a bit of swampland. Surprisingly, that didn’t kill me — but starvation did.


The vast majority of my DayZ playthrough went a similar way up until about the tenth. There was one occasion where I found a scout-camp-type setup that was oddly strewn with hunting knives and ammunition (which felt like progress) but I still couldn’t find food or water — I can’t remember which killed me this time. The first time I did find a town and a few zombies, I found them easy to dispatch with the shovel I was holding on that occasion. The ‘tutorial’ warns of zombies being dangerous in packs (and that might be true) but since you’ll likely only ever see two, there’s no need to worry about that.

Towns also sometimes contain one or two cans of food — and I do mean just one or two — for the whole town. I even once found a gun (but no ammo). Whilst tracksuits remain overwhelmingly common, you’ll find almost nothing else in DayZ. In some ways, the disappointment loop is actually what kept me playing DayZ for as long as I did. As I sat on the sofa with my significant other, we both joked about what we’d find in each house. ’Oh look, another fridge that can’t be opened,’ we’d laugh. Then I’d simply wonder why I was still playing DayZ at all when the world is so filled with better, more rewarding experiences.

The whole thing was put to bed when I finally met someone else. I had freshly respawned straight after my most successful run to date (where I ate, drank and made merry for about an hour or so) and I had nothing but the shirt on my back. It was then that I met someone else for the first time. He or she was armed with a hatchet, had a carryall (I’d found a school bag earlier, but nothing as fancy as that) and was wearing a motorcycle helmet. Without discourse, warning or even an emoji, they attacked me. I punched them. I tried to run. I died. My enthusiasm for DayZ died as well.


I know DayZ was always meant to be about survival of the fittest five years ago — and maybe they were starving and needed to carve me up and eat me — but when a game is so dismal that the only semblance of fun to be found is by griefing new spawns, I just don’t see the point in its existence anymore. When the crafting is so basic, the community building element nonexistent and the gameplay — you know, the zombie killing and exploring bit — is just not there, I have to ask myself what the point is. Why would you ever buy DayZ over Conan or ARK? Is it zombies you want? You won’t find them here!

The release of DayZ into the Game Preview programme is four years too late. It’s too late because the game seems beyond repair to me. Even if it was in better shape, I think it is fundamentally dated now, compared to much more elaborate, exciting and engaging peers. I’m also frustrated by the price point of forty dollars. Really? Really? DayZ feels like the archetypal example of a rip-off to me — it’s unfinished, overpriced and broken. Given that it has been five years in the making already, I don’t know if it will ever reach the point where it pays off those who back it now. You have been warned.

DayZ is available now via the Xbox Preview Program, it is also available on PC.

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  1. Clint says

    DayZ is not available on PS4. Get your facts straight… lol. Other than that, true honest feelings and I definitely can’t argue with you regarding this mess of a game. However, I love the mess.

    1. Dann Sullivan says

      Have updated the footer, whoops. Thanks for pointing that out, I think that was added in during edit!

  2. Aaron says

    Is it still worth it this day and age? I feel with other newer survival games, this one is a bit outdated.

    1. Matthew Smail says

      Hmm, well I’d say not to be honest – I didn’t enjoy it much and I won’t be playing a lot more of it, if any!


  3. James says

    Play the game now it’s good it’s a logical zombie survival game that offers a hardcore edge to it I’ve been following dayz since the start and the game does have its issues but in the end it has so much potential and if you’re up for a hard challenging Xbox survival game I’d say try out dayz I find it well worth my time and keep finding myself coming back trying to survive another day in the apocalypse with my friends

    1. Matthew Smail says

      Hi James,

      Thanks for your reply – the feedback is much appreciated.

      I’ll give it another go then!


  4. Thefriendlymercz says

    I play dayz avidly its a survival game u have to cure illness if sick theres hospitals wells for water this review sounded like it didnt come from a gamer cause dayz is a social and gaming master piece that has some real rough edges that have been coming along the pvp of the game is intense and fresh because u dont know if their friendly or there not or if they have a weapon unless u see it loot is hard to find sometimes because of players looting it already theres hotspots to get weapons and such the map u just have to learn once u know ull know it its russian but overall when it came out u hadda eat amd drink every five mins now once ur full u can eat every 25 and be fine

  5. Jeff says

    This game is amazing and is updated frequently enough! Best survival game period. Don’t listen to these haters!

  6. Teapot says

    Man you have no clue how to play the game🤣🤣 don’t let this **** (Editor – exceptionally talented reviewer) put you off game is fun and plenty to explore and do

  7. Much says

    Dayz is one of the best Survival games I’ve ever played and this article sounds like someone’s who’s only played minecraft on peaceful. Dayz isn’t meant for online journalists its meant for gamers who actually play games for fun not for a quick article.

  8. Razormidnight says

    DayZ is an incredible game for extremely hardcore gamers only. Everything from navigation to strategizing shots to surviving the elements is a challenge. I have played the game for many months and have yet to find a player under the age of 20 for this reason. The game is a masterpiece. It’s a true shame this game gets so much hate from players who explore less than 10% of the games possibilities. Talk about judging a book by its cover.

  9. Britt says

    That’s why they’re offering free no-deposit bonus to entice new players to sign up real-player bill.

  10. PokeyMcSmot says

    Hopefully at least one person will see this comment and be saved, Dayz is nothing like what the author of this article says and here’s why. There is a map available online that you can easily access that gives you all the spawn locations for every item, there are private servers that are reset every few hours to respawn gear and enemies, the wait time to log in is also way less than ten minutes, so far in my last 3 spawns I have been able to gather a full set of military clothes and weapons with ammo, there are actually people who play in the private servers who will help you ( or in some cases hurt you). All in all most of the complaints the author brings up can be summed with one of two answers, use a private server (many of which are not password protected) and use google. Google will take you straight to any info you need on crafting, loot locations, and even recommend servers (if you cant be bothered to actually scan the private server list). TLDR; Dont listen to this article its 90% BS

    1. Matthew Smail says

      Hi Pokey,

      Thanks for the comment. You should probably note that this review was written 11 months and 1 day ago, which means a lot has changed since this was written. Also worth noting that we don’t really preview/review games based on caveats that require players to invest their time and effort in setting up or finding private servers and communities. That’s all a little bit like hard work in comparison to what most people expect from a current generation title.

      I’m really glad you’re enjoying the game!

      Thanks! 🙂

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