Civilization VI Demo now Available Via Steam

As we approach the five-month mark of Civilization VI’s time on sale, Firaxis have released a demo for their latest entry in the long-running 4X strategy title.

If you’ve been hanging on for a major sale on Civilization VI then you might have to wait a little bit longer, but for now you can at least play through the first sixty turns of the game in order to start getting to grips with the changes to core gameplay that this iteration has gone through.

China, the race you’ll be playing as, are a pretty good example of this, with longer-lasting workers (because they now expire), large map improvements (because the cities and upgrades now spread out over terrain), and a boost to the results of Eurekas (because science and culture are now trees, and you can earn a boost against researching if you are adept and timely).

You can find the demo over on the game’s Steam page, where you’ll also find that the game is (at the moment) 20% off.

Below you’ll find the introduction to China from the game’s pre-launch trailer campaign.

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