Pawarumi is a Kickstarter project by Manufacture43 that brings a modern arcade themed shoot ’em up title that’s set within a Neo-Aztec universe with a Rock, Paper, Scissor style of gameplay. The title it looking for a funding goal of €15,000 and currently sits at €4,500+.with April the 26th seeing the crowdfunding phase ending.

The title has been in development since January last year, and has a goal of pushing the arcade shooter in a new direction, and with a setting in a retro futuristic sci-fi pre-Columbian universe, players can expect something entirely new it seems. Players take control of Chukaru, a ship with three weapons attached to it, Manufacture43 are trying to push the genre as much as they can whilst remaining true to the classics such as, Ikaruga or Zero Gunner.

The three weapons in the game act as “Rock, Paper, Scissors” with the Green, “Serpent Gatling” being a weapon that can either cause significant damage to small enemies close up, or take out an enemy from a distance with precise targeting.The Red “Jaguar Missiles” will automatically lock onto enemies, and deal huge explosive damage, but comes with range issues. The blue “Condor Laser” continuously causes damage onto a target by firing in a straight line. All of these weapons are linked up to a, “Trinity System” that brings a tactical layer to the gameplay. “Each facet of the system is triggered simply by shooting with the appropriate weapon on the right type of enemy.”

Crush will cause double damage to an enemy. If that enemy is a blue enemy, and you shoot them with a red weapon, they’ll receive double damage. Boost will heal your shields, but will make the enemy more violent, and is activated by shooting an enemy of one colour the same colour weapon and you’re giving both yourself and the enemy energy due to being the same colours. Drain charges up your super attack, basically clearing your screen from enemies. Shooting enemies of the opposite colour will slowly build up the super charge and can be built up and reused several times in a level.

There will be a leader board that players can compete for the top spot, and with the above Trinity system in place, the scoring is done based on how well you play in making the most of the system. And when bosses become involved, having to strategically plan attacks adds on the pressure.

The world looks great, with a brilliant art style, and players will be able to fly across five different levels, all with their own twists to add to that replayability. There are also a lot of enemies to learn their tactics and weaknesses

Pawarumi is looking for release on Mac, Linux, and PC, and they have begun looking into Xbox One development, with PS4 and Nintendo Switch ports being a possibility.The digital edition of the title will launch on a planned, 17th May date.

You can check out their Kickstarter page by going right over here.

Our EiC, Dann attended EGX Rezzed last week and managed to try out Pawarumi. You can read his thoughts on the title by going here.


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