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BOOT | Cattails

Cattails is one of Kickstarter’s latest projects that is being developed by Falcon Development. It’s an open-world, top-down, retro themed cat & wildlife simulation title and it is seeking $3,210 to help fund the project. The funding period ends on the 4th of May.

With a target to raise, $3,210 to help fund the project and bring it to completion, Falcon Development are…way past that! The target currently sits at, $9,134 with 240 backers at the time of writing this piece, and incredible leap past the original goal, and with 27 days left, that means that Cattails is now bringing stretch goals to bring even more features to the game. Let’s find out what it’s all about first though.

Cattails is a game where you take control of a feral cat that wanders amongst an open-world. Player…actually, you know what, I’m going to refer to you all as kitties. Kitties will have to hunt for food, battle against other evil cats from other cat colonies, and develop relationships. If being a family of kitties is your lifelong dream, then kitties can find another cat and sweep them off their feet and start up a family of kitties.

Survival elements make the title nice and challenging, with kitties having to sneak up on prey around the open-world and plan to grab it, or lose it if they sneak too close. Creatures such as birds, mice, rabbits, frogs, and more can be hunted. It’s not just about getting food though as cats in the world are all part of colonies, and the kitty will have to fend off cats from their territories using various cat fighting skills, and unlock more fighting skills to become a true kitty. Now, for some reason,

Cattails also allows kitties to explore the open-world and collect berries that can either be consumed to give a kitty a certain perk, given away as a gift…or sold for money. I’m not sure why cats require a currency, but…well the cats talk too…ahh heck, it’s a game! You can collect money, and while it doesn’t look like there’s anything detailed on the Kickstarter page about it, I would imagine that the money is used to purchase materials, or customise your cat. You’ll come across a variety of cats to talk too as you travel the open-world with changing seasons and weather, with every cat being able to become a friend or foe, and your choice to join a colony or set off on your own. As briefly mentioned above, kitties can can choose from hundreds of fur and eye colour combinations with more becoming unlocked them more you play. It seems like you’ll be able to change your appearance whenever it suits you as well.

Falcon Development are hoping to get the game released in late 2017, and launched on PC, Mac, and Linux. July 2017 will see kitty backers gaining access to the Closed Alpha, and then October will see a Closed Beta taking place. The game seems to take a rather retro kind of theme in terms of graphics, being a top-down adventure, similar to the likes of Harvest Moon, and the colours are nice, gentle pastels.

The stretch goals have mostly been unlocked already, with $3,210 being the starting point, allowing the title to be brought to life. Goals continued on bringing other platform support, new pelts, and an Extended OST. There is a stretch goal of $10,000, which when reached will allow kitties to create their own colony.

The game is still looking for votes over on Steam Greenlight to get the title onto Steam.

You can check out the Kickstarter by going here.


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