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BOOT | Attack On Kitten

Meow! Wisp Entertainment have brought, Attack On Kitten to Kickstarter with the goal of seeking out $50,000 to get the project funded. The 16-Bit inspired title brings a Cat Knight forth with a quest to save the Cat Kingdom. The funding ends on the 25th of April 2017.

Attack on Kitten is a GameMaker Studio 2 created title being developed by Wisp Entertainment, and its $50,000 target is currently, at the time of writing this, sitting at $7,988 with a total of 149 backers. The title is based around a protagonist called, surprise incoming, “Kat”, who is a Cat Knight who is on a quest to save the Cat Kingdom from the evil Goldfish, Xerxes. Kat physically wields powerful and magical cats and shoots, slashes, and scratches her way to victory.

The game is inspired by classics such as Mega Man X, Super Metroid, and Donkey Kong Country but has a slight modern day twist to them while still looking heavily SNES themed. The title will be featuring the limitations in colour and sound that original 16-Bit games from that era used to face.

Players will need to use cats as weapons…not in the sense you’re probably thinking, there isn’t any throwing of tabby cats, but there are certainly magical cats that come in different breeds, and they can turn into various weapons, and equipment. Some cats can turn into swords, others a bow, others gloves. It appears as if you will only be able to choose one, or a few cat to take with you on your adventure, as the Kickstarter states, “But who will be coming along with you for your journey?”, and new cats found won’t be replacing your one.

You’ll be facing against an army of evil fish under the power of that Goldfish, Xerxes but they don’t come in the form of a simple floppy bass, or a pike, they come in the form of upright, mechanical baddies, with shark tanks. It’s a bizarre concept for sure!

There is a demo available for downloading, so if you fancy giving it a try before you back it, it’s worth a look!

Attack on Kitten successfully found its way onto Steam after a period on Steam Greenlight. Most of the game is apparently still down on paper, but with the funding they’re looking forward to building a new title.

Despite no stretch goals being achieved yet, they are available to see, with the lowest goal being at $60,000, with goals offering Mac/Linux versions, challenge mode, and even the highest goal at $200,000 that brings multiplayer support.

You can check out Attack On Kitten’s Kickstarter page here.

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