Beat Guru is a time-travelling rhythm game

A time-travelling rhythm game, Beat Guru sends players spiralling through time to best the beat.

Beat Guru, formerly Yellow Rock Road, was easily the sweetheart of 2018’s EGX Transfuzer competition. Developer Mujo Games exuded a rare confidence with their funkadelic rhythm game.

The rhythm genre normally has a decent dose of style to it, normally due to the requirement of needing comprehensive, clear information for players to parse. Beat Guru, which revolves around a core gameplay loop of dots bouncing off a line, which moves around within a circle, delivers this information through the velocity of the dot. This results in a very simple-to-read beat track, leaving the rest of the screen free for distractions — like spinning blockers which can cover the line — or psychedelic backgrounds.

This core mechanic is definitely simple, and subsequently very repeatable or even cloneable. It’s the style and progression of Beat Guru that will make it stand out from the imitators — the simply silly story, the great music and the cool artwork.

That’s what already makes Beat Guru stand out, the style. Mujo Games had already, back in September, injected more style and polish to the game than many released games, and with their plan to scope out a branching storyline and massively increase the variety of distractions, it is definitely a rhythm game to look out for.

Beat Guru is currently in development for PC and Mobile platforms. If you’re interested in following its development, you can do so through the developer’s Twitter @Muju_Games.

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