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Timespinner is a Metroidvania with a pixel-drawn world, inspired by the action platformers of yesteryear. It stars a ‘timekeeper’ Lunais who is looking to avenge her family, killed by the empire. In her quest, she uses time-shifting abilities to help her fight foes and solve puzzles. Timespinner ended a successful Kickstarter campaign that earned three times the asking amount, and after a listen to the game’s OST, it’s easy to see and hear what all the hype was about.

The soundtrack to Timespinner does a great job at capturing the classic, gothic sound of games like Castlevania and Demon’s Crest while also finding a unique sound all of its own. Carrying a lot of similar musical themes throughout the game, each of the forty-plus tracks in this sci-fi meets gothic game really helps bring the action and gameplay together.

Check out these six songs to get a good feel of what to expect from the entire album:

IntrepidationThis gorgeous menu music track with its whimsical piano work and soaring melody give a strong sense of what to expect from the rest of the album. This track sounds like a long lost track from Chrono Trigger and although is short, gives a lasting impression for sure.

Trampled Innocence
A faster-paced song with a constant drumline that showcases the danger Lunais is in. The flute in this track establishes a firm melody and offers a perfect compliment to the similarly strong strings and piano.

The BrokenBoss fight music at its finest. The wailing guitar fully sets the chaotic mood of this first boss fight’s track and the choral hits and bell chimes in the background help bring it all together.

Echoes of the ForgottenI am absolutely in love with the sexy jazz-like guitar work that starts off this song. This track then brings in whimsy and mystery with the echoing chimes and finishes it off with strong crossing melodies that drive it home.

Pioneer’s HorizonThe flute work in this track is the star, but the orchestral chords do a wonderful job at complimenting the flute and the simple guitar that plays midway through the song. The adventurous nature of this track is infectious and brings to life the water world our heroine finds herself in.

DefianceHaunting organ and strings bring to life the gothic castle and towers that define this area. Obvious Castlevania references could be made, but this song does a fine job at establishing itself apart with an almost anime-inspired melody that carries itself through the track.

The Timespinner OST is a great album to jam out to, especially after playing through the game. Fans of classic SNES-era games will dig the classic instruments but can easily appreciate the modern instruments that help make the album something so much more. Some of the tracks are short or feel out of place, but due to it literally being a representation of the game’s music, it’s to be expected. With more than forty tracks — which includes additional tracks such as trailer music and such — you’re bound to find some great tracks in its mix.

Timespinner OST is available at Bandcamp, where you can pick up a digital or physical copy, and also on iTunes, Spotify and even on Steam. Check out the composer Jeff Ball at his website and on Twitter.

You can also buy the game on Steam and the Playstation Store for PS4 and Playstation Vita.

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