Astroneer Lands On Early Access On December 16th

System Era are launching Astroneer onto Steam Early Access on the 16th December.

The game is a space exploration, crafting sort of game, focusing on aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration, and allows you to use some type of device to deform and recreate the worlds terrain and structures. You can also build bases, gather resources, and drive spacey vehicles.

It also allows single player and online multiplayer, meaning that you can take to the planets with your friends and exploit the world together. For now, the game going into Early Access will be focusing the developers time on ensure the six main pillars of the game are functioning wonderfully. The main pillars they’re focusing on are, discovery, exploration, researching, trading, building, and expanding.

Astoneer will be releasing for $19.99USD and will release on PC, and Xbox One. However, System Era has stated that they plan to be in Early Access for at least a year or two before pushing it out.

You can view the early access trailer below.

Source: Steam Page

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