Absolver Confirmed as Launching First on PS4

Absolver, from Sloclap, a brutal, online fighting game has been revealed to be launching first for PlayStation 4.

Sloclap, and publisher Devolver Digital, first showcased the game when it was announced back at E3 earlier this year. The game takes a realistic melee combat system based around stances, parries, and feints, and adds into into a fluid PVE & PVP experience by merging player worlds throughout each area.

What this means is, as you’ll see in the E3 presentation below, players may be passing along a cliff edge and then peek down to see players and AI (for there is no way to tell them apart) duelling on a distant rooftop, or fighting across beaches. Thanks to the game’s co-operative nature, and the ability to ‘build warriors to fight alongside you’ combat won’t simply be a one sided, or balanced affair either.

As you progress in ranking up from a mere prospect in the ranks of the Absolvers you’ll find more combat styles to combine, as well as locate gear, weapons and armour.

As well as gameplay along the lines of what is shown below, you’ll also be able to join up with other players to clear large, challenging PvE areas, as well as enter into dedicated PvP arenas which the original press release stated would see “champions receive spoils of victory and progress in the ranks of the Absolvers~”


Whew – looks pretty cool huh?

Anyway, it was revealed at the PlayStation Experience that the title would be launching first onto the PS4, and that said launch was expected to happen in 2017. I can’t find anything listing it for other consoles, however the game has been listed for a PC release at some point.

You can find the latest trailer below.

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